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Te Karewao

Te Pou Tupua are supported by Te Karewao, an advisory committee comprising three members - one appointed by Whanganui Iwi, one appointed by other iwi with interests in the Whanganui River and one appointed by local authorities.


An additional person may also be appointed to Te Karewao from the iwi and hapū with interests in a particular part of the Whanganui River, when Te Pou Tupua requires advice in relation to a matter affecting a discrete part of the River.


The role of Te Karewao is to advise and support Te Pou Tupua in the exercise of its functions. Te Pou Tupua may also delegate functions to Te Karewao.

Te rau whatoro, te whanaketanga mai i te Uma Tuanuku

The entwining vine springing from the bosom of Papatūānuku. 

Supplejack is a high-climbing, woody native plant with tough, pliant stems

used in the construction of hīnaki.

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