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Te Korotete - The storage basket for live piharau and tuna Te korotete mōmona nā Maru.


The bounteous basket of Maru.


Maru is a primary deity of Whanganui Iwi in respect of the River. Maru has the power to provide where kawa is maintained. 


The fund within Te Korotete o Te Awa Tupua will, through effort and careful management, grow and provide for Te Awa Tupua.



  • $30 million pūtea (fund) to support initiatives for health and wellbeing of Te Awa Tupua

  • Administered by Te Pou Tupua

  • Contestable and open to all groups

  • To complement existing funding sources



While the Te Korotete fund has been growing by earning interest on the original $30m settlement, Te Pou Tupua are currently developing a Statement of Investment and Objectives (SIPO), by spending time with a number of advisors to development investment principles, based on Tupua Te Kawa.  These will be used to guide the development of the SIPO and the long-term investment of the fund.


Te Pou Tupua are also in the process of developing a distribution policy and criteria that will guide how the fund will be applied in the years to come.

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